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Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon exploration to a whole new level. One player chooses a Hero to delve deep into the dungeon seeking the ultimate evil that waits down below. A second player plays the role of the Dungeon Lord throwing traps and ferocious monsters in the Heros path.


The game brings the dungeon to life unlike any other with the use of Story cards. These cards deliver a fantastic dungeon experience to any players new to gaming yet have deeper mechanics to keep even die-hard players on their toes.

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the Dungeon

Fallen takes place inside a randomly generated dungeon made up of Story Cards. Each Story card is a new scenario that the Hero must overcome to complete their quest. Within each Story card are ten different challenges that branch into different paths the Hero can take.The Story cards bring the dungeon to life. Leaping over chasms, solving ancient puzzles, and fighting terrifying creatures are just a few of the challenges that await the players.

the Hero

With three different Hero characters to choose from, each with 9 unique skills, 10 specialized power cards, and custom starting equipment, there are plenty of ways to explore the dungeons of Fallen. Characters include the Pit Fighter who uses strength and brutal tactics, the Sorceress who calls upon illusions and destructive magic, and the Thief who focuses on stealth and trickery. Each character comes with 9 unique skills that allow you to build your character your way. Do you want your fighter to have monstrous strength or do you give him a tactical edge to the fights? Does your sorceress call forth devastating spells of power, or is she a swordmage capable of fighting toe-to-toe with sword and spell?

the Dungeon Lord

Deep at the bottom of the labyrinth lies the Dungeon Lord, an evil power bent on the destruction of the Hero. One of three different Dungeon Lords can be played including the Archivist of Souls, the Forge Master, and Krogarn the Ogre King. Each Dungeon Lord has 10 unique power cards that range from necromantic spells to devious traps.As the Hero explores each room, the Dungeon Lord throws chaotic magic and violent creatures in their way. A challenge for the Hero to decipher ancient runes on a sarcophagus becomes a nightmare when the Dungeon Lord sends a Shadow Fiend screaming into the room.Each time the Hero is defeated, the Dungeon Lord grows in power. Summoned creatures can be leveled up giving them greater strength and new abilities. If the Dungeon Lord is able deal a crippling blow to the Hero, then a powerful Omen card can be acquired. With one of these cards in hand, the Dungeon Lord has a deadly trick ready to spring whenever the Hero is at their weakest.

the Challenges

Four different challenges must be faced during each Story card. A challenge moves the Hero deeper into the dungeon and sets the stakes and type of dice to be rolled.In this example, the Hero’s path through the story has led him to “Bloody Melee”, a fight with thieves in an old hall. With his back against the wall, the Hero is pressed hard by the thieves immediately taking a point of damage. The treasure symbol shows that a valuable treasure card is at stake if the Hero wins, and the red symbol of an arm tells the players that this is a strength challenge.

The Dungeon Lord chooses a Creature card to use for the challenge. Each Creature card shows the type of dice rolled. The Dungeon Lord rolls the dice, plays any special abilities from Power cards, and counts the total number of swords rolled on the dice. The Hero then rolls the type of dice based on their strength, agility, or intelligence. Equipment such as the Iron Sword, Storm Flail, or Mana Ring can be used to help win the challenge. The Hero rolls the dice, plays Power cards, and counts the total number of swords rolled. If the Hero rolls the most swords, then he is victorious gaining treasures, experience, and new abilities. However, if the Dungeon Lord wins the challenge, then the summoned monsters grow stronger and the dungeon becomes even more perilous.

Red Dragon small

the Final Battle

The adventure culminates in an epic battle between the Hero and Dungeon Lord with only one player left standing. Here, at the bottom of the dungeon, surrounded by minions and dark spells, the evil Dungeon Lord faces off against the Hero. With the skills and magical artifacts recovered from the dungeon, the Hero must rise to the challenge to finally bring an end to the Dungeon Lord.One final battle to return the world to the light or plunge it back into darkness.This is the game of Fallen.



Game Contents

- 30 Story cards
- 3 Hero Character cards
- 50 Hero Power cards
- 27 Skill cards
- 24 Equipment & Treasure cards
- 3 Dungeon Lord Character cards
- 50 Dungeon Lord Power cards
- 28 Creature cards
- 12 Omen cards
- 33 Final Battle cards
- 6 Shadow Track cards
- 16 Critical cards
- 22 Custom dice
- Over 80 tokens
- Rulebook


Fallen Rule Book (Pre-release & High Resolution)

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